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Industrial Product Traceability Management System


  The system prints or posts unique signatures on products, mid-rolls, and cartons / paper bags, visually reads unique signatures, and establishes information associations by product, mid-roll, and carton / paper bag. When off-line or out of storage, the visual reader at this location automatically obtains the QR code (or one-dimensional barcode) on the carton / paper bag and saves the information to the system. Get system-wide real-time access to product, inbox and carton / paper bag related information, as well as box / paper bag off-line, inbound and outbound information for traceable tracking of products


System characteristics and parameters

1. The platform is designed with B / S structure combined with C / S structure. The warehouse in the production area mainly uses C / S mode for data exchange. The remote warehouse and query exchange data mainly based on B / S.

2, high real-time data, logistics tracking system and packaging control system linkage strong, the equipment to complete the action to send the signal to the control system does not exceed the time required to complete 1S.

3, according to customer demand support carton spray two-dimensional code or one-dimensional bar code labeling two ways.

4, offline visual scanning support one-dimensional bar code and two-dimensional code.