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JWL-LZRobot type crawler handling robot system


1) Caterpillar mobile six-axis robot

Multi-directional multi-form pallet loading with a six-axis robot requires a six-axis robot and a telescopic belt to be mounted on a crawler-type moving mechanism to advance or retract within the carriage regardless of the length of the carriage.

2)Intelligent detection and identification and positioning system

The intelligent detection and positioning system automatically detects the three-dimensional distance from the car to form a coordinate system and automatically identifies the status of the material. The carton or the paper bag is positioned at the designated position of the car according to the preset mode code,

3) New mechanical gripper

Using a mechanical adjustable gripper, can grab different sizes, different shapes of cartons or paper bags.

4) Flexible loading

Set the accumulation of temporary storage interval can be reasonable during the transfer of materials cache, loading speed and front-end packaging speed automatically flexible with.

5) Large capacity, low energy consumption

Rated capacity of 10 boxes (bags) / minute. For material size: length 0-550m, width 280-440mm height 180-300 material. Power is only 10kw.