Automatic balers common faults and solutions

Baler is a baler, easy to operate, with four kinds of packing methods, the packing machine is mainly used to pack the packing tape bundled a packaging equipment, mainly through the baler blade hot-melt adhesive, cut off, After balers packaged products are conducive to transport, storage, appearance is more beautiful. However, the baler will certainly have different problems after using it for a long time.

First, the packing machine with a tape cassette how to do?

When the packing tape stuck in the middle of the wheel, or foreign body plug can not be removed, open the washer hexagonal nut, loosen the middle of the two M5 countersunk head countersunk screws, as the two screws are fixed on the connecting shaft The gap part of the heart, so you must turn the screws; remove the connecting shaft, the machine picked up the top, remove the stuck objects. Finally, according to the above way to restore the assembly on it, pay attention to Nut and L-shaped curved plate to maintain 0.3-0.5mm gap.

Second, the packing machine after packing, the cutter does not cut, what is the reason?

1. Tension adjustment is too tight; 2. Slides or skids with oil, must be removed to wipe the oil; 3. Belt is too tight, the belt drive down down some of the seat, or the motor can be transferred to the back;

Third, the packing tape bonding degree is not enough how to do?

1. The temperature is too high or not, sometimes more special tape, poor viscosity, the temperature must be very accurate before they can;

2. The use of voltage is not enough, there are many factories of the voltage, often inadequate, if you use the extension cable or cable, causing pressure drop, so that the original adjustment of the temperature becomes low, even when the motor is bundled tightly burn, so try to avoid the use of cables If you must use the extension cord, you must take the thick and not too long wire;

3. Electric steel is too high or too low, or left to right, so hit the upper and lower brbr belt, or left and right tools, and can not enter the heating, subject to change;

4. Fan exhaust fan failure, making the temperature is too high.

Fourth, if the automatic packing machine is not packaged with what should be done?

First of all, check if the "take-out length adjustment" is at "0", and then see if the threading process is correct; if not, see if foreign objects are caught in the vicinity of the take-up roller, which can also cause this.