Development and Application of Fully Automatic Packing Machine

Automatic packing machine is a kind of packaging machine, automatic packing machine includes the unpacking back cover machine, automatic packing machine, accessories delivery machine, automatic sealing machine, automatic packing machine, check the sorting machine, automatic labeling machine , Automatic inkjet printer, visual inspection machine, data related to ERP system, MES system link, automatic palletizer, through sword pallets, stretch film wrapping machine, output to the three-dimensional warehouse. Other packaging machine series, three-dimensional packaging, shrink packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine, bagging packaging machine, cuff packaging machine, horizontal bagging machine, vertical bagging machine, automatic cartoning machine, color box sealing machine, automatic Box-forming machines, bagging and other shrinking machine.

Automatically for new users more unfamiliar, generally said that the general are semi-automatic and fully automatic packing machine equipment, automatic balers, mainly between the semi-automatic and fully automated packaging equipment. For this packer device, the automatic detection function can not be realized, and the semi-automatic baler does not need to be manually worn, and the working efficiency is higher than that of a semi-automatic machine, which is between semi-automatic and fully automatic working efficiency. So, how to develop automatic balers, but also in what industries? From the practical point of view, automatic balers and semi-automatic balers, compared with no manpower savings, but labor intensity will be relatively reduced, it does not save labor costs. Natural and automatic balers in manpower saving no way compared to the automatic baler thus created a more embarrassing situation, on the efficiency, it does not fully automatic balers faster, but also save on labor costs, so, Automatic balers sales have been not optimistic, many people do not know the existence of this model, which also led to the development of automatic balers on the road twists and turns.

The development and origination of automatic packer evolved from the cumbersome packaging process of semi-automatic packer. The automatic packer not only reduces the manual wearing process, but also can dock the conveyor line to realize the subsequent workflow. It can greatly reduce Tying products bundled cumbersome workflow.

In the use of automatic balers, we must pay more attention to lubrication work. Lubrication so easy to increase the degree of wear and tear of the cutter, and secondly in the selection of packing tape supplies should pay attention to the material with the packing tape, the best use of raw materials as much as possible not to buy sandwich packing material, sandwich material packing with intermediate material A long-term use of calcium carbonate and other materials will cause serious wear and tear on the cutter, increase the gap around the cutter, resulting in the packing tape in the cutting process is mixed in the slit around the cutter.

If there is no cut, strapping included in the gap in the right knife need to be used in the knife with a hammer or other items to be processed with the strap removed, and then remove the knife, the other side of the conversion 180 to install and package Machine knife can be used both front and back, with the use of both sides are finished, you can replace the use of a new knife.