Semi-automatic and automatic sealing machine What are the differences

Sealing machine is a kind of packaging machine, automatic packaging machine includes the machine out of the box sealing machine, automatic packing machine, accessories delivery machine, automatic sealing machine, automatic packing machine, check the sorting machine, automatic labeling machine, Automatic Pen Maji, visual inspection machine, data related ERP system, MES system link, automatic palletizer, through the sword pallet bale, stretch film wrapping machine, output to the three-dimensional warehouse. Other packaging machine series, three-dimensional packaging, shrink packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine, bagging packaging machine, cuff packaging machine, horizontal bagging machine, vertical bagging machine, automatic cartoning machine, color box sealing machine, automatic Folding box molding machine, bagging shrinking machine, we promise Connaught to provide all the necessary station packaging equipment and high-quality machine supplies, specializing in the entire agreement to provide automated packaging line renovation planning design and manufacturing, 3D plans and animation Demonstration, the entire plant packaging equipment maintenance package service. The function of automatic sealing machine is very simple, that is, the use of sticky tape sealed cartons for carton sealing operations, the economy is relatively fast, but also easy to adjust, at the same time to complete the upper and lower sealing action. Of course, companies can also use the printing tape, which not only to improve their own product image, but also the first choice for automated packaging business. The use of automatic sealing machine is relatively wide, that can stand-alone operation, but also can be used with the assembly line equipment.

Semi-automatic sealing machine also standard sealing machine, refers to the sealing machine can carton top and bottom at the same time sealing, but the carton cover requires manual conversion, and the machine requires manual manual adjustment of sealing Height and width, in order to adapt to the size of the sealed carton sealing machine compared to manual sealing, automatic sealing, manual sealing, artificial sealing than saving a lot of labor and time, then by Connaught small series for everyone to introduce semi-automatic and automatic sealing machine What is the difference.

Semi-automatic sealing machine Features:

1, semi-automatic can not automatically adapt to the size of the size of the carton, the need to intervene manually;

2, the growth of life, sealing machine technology is very mature;

3, high precision, low noise, fast economy, easy to adjust.

Automatic sealing machine product features:

1, Automatic is the device that can automatically adjust to meet the size of the carton by testing;

2, easy to change, easy maintenance, the level of sealing, tidy and beautiful sealing unilateral movement, smooth movement without noise, the width of the change using automatic lifting design with pressure switch, the pressure structure open;

3, light and durable, easy to operate, no noise; side belt drive, for a narrower carton